The present General Conditions of Use, Conditions of Sale and Politics of Privacy regulate the use of the web site (in forward the “Web site”) and the on-line dealing of the products offered to the public for Marta Armada Rodríguez (NIF: 36074282R) through the virtual shop arranged in the url and that go finally to generate an order of Purchase.

Through her site, information is provided brings over of her products and offers the possibility of the acquisition of her products in the whole peninsula and abroad.


All the prices of the products that are indicated through the web page include the VAT and other taxes that it could correspond. Nevertheless, these prices do not include the expenses corresponding to the sending of the products, which are detailed apart and must be agreed for the Client. The prices and conditions exposed in the web are valid in every moment and have force only in the opened session; Marta Armada is not played the role responsible for any change that could exist between sessions.


For the supposition in which the product is not available after the order having been realized, the Client will be informed by e-mail of the total or partial cancellation about this one. The partial cancellation of the order due to lack of availability does not give right to the cancellation of the totality of the order. If immediately after this cancellation the client wants to return the dedicated product the stipulated will have to continue in the paragraph Return.


The payments will be able to be effected using the following modalities:


  • The card with the one that does the payment will have to have as issuing financial institution to a bank Spanish or savings bank. In addition Marta Armada saves herself the right not to accept certain payments with certain cards of credit.
  • Marta Armada uses systems of financial institutions’ sure payment of the first order in electronic commerce.
  • The confidential information is transmitted directly and of form encrypted to the corresponding financial institution
  • The information of the cards, credit / debit is in use only in the TPVV (Terminal Point of Virtual Sale) of our financial institution across his) gangplank of sure payment, not staying this information registered in any our database.
  • The information of the cards, credit / debit is in use only in the TPVV (Terminal Point of Virtual Sale) of our financial institution across his) gangplank of sure payment, not staying this information registered in any our database.
  • In spite of all the measures of safety any transfer of information through Internet has a risk of being intercepted damaging the above mentioned measures of safety In case of happening, Marta Armada will not be played the role responsible for the above mentioned violation.


  • The buys realized through PayPal will consider to be realized in the same terms that in case of realizing the payment for bank card, being the conditions of use those that PayPal establishes.


  • It will not be considered the buy realized until the amount of the same one should not have been received in the bank account put to disposition to such purpose on the part of Marta Armada, after which one will proceed to notify the buyer sending an email reporting of the correct receipt of his transference or deposit.
  • The possible bank commissions earned as consequence of the accomplishment of the bank transference or the revenue in deposit will depend on every entity and on the conditions of the same one and will run in any case at the expense of the buyer


  • This possibility of payment will be possible only in certain cases and to Marta Armada’s criterion. In the admitted cases, the payment will be effected in the moment of the delivery of the product acquired to the person who does delivery of the same one.
  • This modality has an after cost, which in any case always will remain reflected in the process of buy. It is necessary verifies the particular conditions since in some case the payment will be able to be needed, besides, in advance on behalf of the total quantity.
  • To realize any buy in this method of payment, the client will be called to confirm telephonically that all the contributed information is correct and veracious.
  • In case of not being able to contact in the space of 24 hours, the order will be annulled. Likewise, the client will be able to cancel his buy by means of email to before the mail sent by Marta Armada reporting that the order already has been an envoy. Of not being like that, the client will be obliged to the payment of the same one, the rejection of the package being considered to be a fraud.

The Client will have to notify to Marta Armada any undue or fraudulent cargo in the card used for the buys or anyone another type of possible anomaly in any payment that the client considers prudent, by means of email to, in the minor space of possible time in order that Marta Armada could realize the opportune negotiations.

Likewise, Marta Armada saves herself the right to change the methods of payment, being able to create new, some of the existing ones to modify or to eliminate, without the user / client could realize claims for this motive. Nevertheless, if the change in the method of payment was concerning an already realized order, we would put in touch with the client to inform him about the above mentioned change, offering the possibility of cancelling the order if considers it suitable.


Once formalized the order, that is to say, with the acceptance of the Conditions of Use and the confirmation of the process of buy, Marta Armada will send always an e-mail to the Client confirming the details of the realized buy.


Marta Armada will accept cancellations of orders when they are requested before the sending of the same one. To realize the cancellation, the Client must request it sending an e-mail to



The delivery of the products will be realized by means of agency of transport or other means that Marta Armada considers suitable.

Marta Armada promises to deliver the product in perfect condition in the direction that the Client indicates in the form. In order to optimize the delivery, we are grateful for the Client who indicates a direction in which the order could be delivered inside the lab our habitual schedule. Orders will be delivered neither in postal paragraphs nor military bases.


The order realized by you will be delivered in a maximum period of 10 working days since we have done the confirmation of the order. Though Marta Armada’s habitual delivery time is in the habit of ranging between 1 and 3 working days, from the ending of the order.

These periods are average, and therefore estimation. For it, it is possible that they change for logistic reasons or of major force. In cases of arrears in the deliveries, Marta Armada will inform her clients in all that should have knowledge of them.

Every delivery is considered to be effected from the moment in which the company of transport puts the product at the disposal of the Client, who materializes across the system of control used by the company of transport.

In case of arrears in the delivery of the orders attributable to Marta Armada, the Client will be able to annul his order of agreement with the procedure described in the Paragraph “RETURN”. Will not be considered to be arrears in the delivery those cases in which the order should have been a position at the disposal of the Client on the part of the company of transport in the approved term and could not have belonged devoted by imputable reason to the Client.

Para España (península) y Portugal Peninsular, el coste del envío será de 6 €  IVA icluido por cada pedido.

As soon as the order goes out of our stores, an e-mail will be sent notifying to him that his order has been accepted and sent.

For safety motives, Marta Armada will send any order neither to P.O. boxes nor military bases, will not even accept any order when it is not possible to identify the addressee of the order and his direction.


If in the moment of the delivery the Client is absent, the transporter will leave a voucher indicating how to proceed to coordinate a new delivery. Marta Armada contracts, as part of the service of delivery of Messenger Company, the accomplishment of a series of actions of follow-up, directed to guaranteeing that the delivery takes place.

If spent 7 working days after the exit to allotment of the order the delivery has not reached agreement, the Client will have to put in touch with Marta Armada. In case the Client does not proceed like that, past 10 working days from the exit to allotment of the order this one will be returned to our stores and the Client will have to take charge of the postage and handling and of return to origin of the goods, as well as of the possible ones.

If the motive for which one could not have realized the delivery is the deviation of the package, our transporter will initiate an investigation. In these cases, the period of response of our transporters is in the habit of ranging between one and three weeks.


The Client will have to verify the good state of the package before the transporter who, at the expense of Marta Armada, realizes the delivery of the requested product, indicating in the delivery note or note of delivery any anomaly that it should detect in the packaging. If, later, once checked the product, the Client was detecting any effect as blow, break, indications of having being opened or any damage caused in this one by the sending this one it promises to communicate route to Marta Armada e-mail in the minor space of possible time, preferably in the following 24 hours and as maximum of 7 calendar days from the delivery.



All the products bought in will be able to be returned and reimbursed, providing that the Client communicates to Marta Armada his intention of returning the product/s acquired/s in a maximum term of 7 calendar days counted from the delivery date (such and since there establishes the in force legislation – Law of Arrangement of the Trade Retailer) and that fulfill the rest of the conditions established in this paragraph.

Marta Armada only will accept returns that fulfill the following requirements:

  1. The product must be in the same state in which it submitted and it will have to preserve his packaging and labelled originally.
  2. The parcel must be done using the same box in which it has been received to protect the product. For the supposition that could not be done by the box by the one that submitted, the Client will have to return it in a protective box in order which the product comes to Marta Armada’s store with the maximum possible guarantees.
  3. There must be included a copy of the delivery note of delivery inside the package, where besides there are marked the returned products and the motive of the return.

With the aim to facilitate the process of return to the Clients and to be able to do a correct follow-up of the same one, Marta Armada establishes as the only procedure of return the established one for Marta Armada. If the motive of the return belongs attributable to Marta Armada (the product is defective, it is not for the one that you had asked, etc.), the amount of the return will be reimbursed. If the motive is different (the products were served correctly but they are not of his pleasure), the cost of the expenses of return they will be at the expense of the client.

To proceed with a return, they must continue the following steps:

  • To inform before 7 calendar days from his receipt that the product wants to be returned. The information will be able to realize route mail to
  • Marta Armada will inform the client of the direction to which it must send the product.
  • The client must send it by means of a company of Messenger Company of his election.
  • To report of the company of used messenger company, date and hour of the return.


The return of the products will give place to an equal refund to the cost of the products returned less the cost of the parcel.

Only in case the dedicated product is defective or incorrect, Marta Armada will reimburse also to the Client the corresponding postage and handling.

The returns and the partial annulments will give place to partial refunds.

Marta Armada will manage the order of return under the same system that was in use for the payment in the space of 3 days from the confirmation of arrival to the store of the returned order. The application of the return in the account or card of the Client will depend on the card and on the issuing entity. The term of application will be of up to 7 days for the cards of debit and of up to 30 days for the credit cards.


Marta Armada or her licentiates show all the rights on the content, design and source code of this web page and, especially, with character including but not limited, on the photography, images, texts, brands or logos, designs, combinations of colors, design and structure, trade names, access, use, information etc. That is included in the Web. All rights reserved.

One warns Clients and Users from whom such rights are protected by the in force Spanish and international legislation relative to the intellectual and industrial property.

Likewise, and without prejudice of the previous thing, the content of this Web also has the consideration of IT program, and therefore, there ensues also from application the whole Spanish regulation and community in force European in the matter.

By virtue of arranged in the articles 8 and 32.1 the second paragraph, of the law of Intellectual Property, they remain expressly prohibited the reproduction, the distribution and the public communication, included his modality of putting disposition, of the totality or part of the contents of this web page, with commercial purposes, in any support and for any technical way, without Marta Armada’s authorization.

Likewise, the infraction of anyone of the mentioned rights might constitute a violation of the present dispositions as well as a crime of the foreseen ones in the articles 270 and following of the Penal Code.

Users and clients will have to abstain from suppressing, to alter, to elude or to manipulate any device of protection or safety system that was installed in Marta Armada’s web.

Marta Armada informs that she does not grant license or implicit any authorization on the rights of intellectual and / or industrial property or on any other right or property related, direct or indirectly, with the contents included in the Web.

Only there is authorized the utilization of the contents of the web domain by informative purposes and of service, providing that she arranges an appointment or one refers to the source, being the client or the user the only one responsible for the evil I use of the same ones.

Marta Armada will be able to alter at any time and without previous notice the design, presentation and / or configuration of the page as well as someone or all the contents, and to modify the general and / or particular conditions needed for the utilization of the same ones.


The Clients and Users are entirely responsible for his conduct, on having acceded to the information of the Web, while they sail in the same one, as well as after having acceded.

As consequence of the previous thing, the Clients and Users are the responsible only ones before Marta Armada and third parties of:

  1. The consequences that could stem from a utilization, with ends(purposes) or effects illicit or opposite to the present document, from any content of the Web, elaborated or not for Marta Armada, published or not under his name of official form.
  2. The consequences that could stem from the utilization opposite to the content of the present document and harmful from the interests or rights of third parties, or that of any form it could damage, render useless or spoil the Web or his services or the normal enjoyment prevents for other Users.

Marta Armada saves herself the right to update the contents when she considers it suitable, as well as to eliminating them, them the access borders or to prevent them, in a temporary or definitive way, as well as from refusing the access to the Web to Clients and Users that an evil does use of the contents and / or break any of the conditions that appear in the present document.

Marta Armada informs that it does not guarantee:

  1. That the access to the Web and / or to the Web of link is uninterrupted or frees of mistake
  2. That the content or software to which the Clients and Users accede across the Web or the Web of link does not contain any mistake, IT virus or other elements in the contents that could produce alterations in his system or in the electronic documents and files stored in his IT system or causes another type of damage.
  3. The utilization that of the information or content of this Web or Webs of link that the Clients and Users could realize for his personal intentions.

The information contained in this web page must be considered for the Clients and Users as information and illustrative, so much with relation to his purpose as to his effects, motive for which Marta Armada does not guarantee the accuracy of the information contained in this Web and consequently they do not assume any responsibility on the possible prejudices or inconveniences for the Users who could stem any present inaccuracy in the Web.


Marta Armada does not assume responsibility any derivative, to title illustrative but not limitative:

  1. Of the utilization that the Clients or Users could do of the materials of this Web or webs of link, already they are prohibited or allowed, in infraction of the rights of intellectual and / or industrial property of contents of the Web or of third parties.
  2. Of the eventual damages and prejudices to the Clients or Users caused by a normal or abnormal functioning of the tools of search, of the organization or the location of the contents and / or I access to the Web and, in general, of the mistakes or problems that are generated in the development or instrumentation of the technical elements that the Web or a program facilitates to the User.
  3. Of the contents of those pages to which the Clients or Users could accede from links included in the Web, already they are authorized or not.
  4. Of the acts or omissions of third parties, with independence of which these third parties could be joined to Marta Armada by means of contractual route.
  5. Of The access of minors to the contents included in the Web, being a responsibility of his progenitors or tutors to exercise a control adapted on the activity of the children or minors to his cargo or to install someone of the tools of control of the Internet use in order to avoid the access to materials or not suitable contents for minors, as well as the sending of personal information without the previous authorization of his progenitors or tutors.
  6. Of the communications or dialogs in the course of the debates, forums, chats and virtual communities that are organized across or I half-close to the Web and / or webs of link, it will not even answer, therefore, of the eventual damages and prejudices that there should suffer the Clients or particular and / or collective Users as a result of the above mentioned communications and / or dialogs.

Marta Armada will not be responsible in any case when they are produced:

  1. Mistakes or delays in the access to the Web site on the part of the Client at the moment of introducing his information in the form of order the slowness or impossibility of receipt on the part of the addressees of the confirmation of the order or any anomaly that could arise when these incidents are due to problems in the network Internet, reasons of act of God or major force and any another unforeseeable contingency foreign to Marta Armada’s good faith.
  2. Failures or incidents that could take be produced in the communications, erased or incomplete transmissions, so that there is not guaranteed that the services of the web site are constant operative.
  3. Inefficient service and of bad faith on the part of the Client.
  4. Of not operability or problems in the address of e-mail facilitated by the 2 Of the mistakes or damages produced to the web site by a use of the Client for the sending of the confirmation of the order.
  5. In any case, Marta Armada promises to solve the problems that could arise and to offer the whole necessary support to the Client to come to a rapid and satisfactory solution of the incident.
  6. Likewise, Marta Armada has right to realize during temporary definite intervals, promotional campaigns to promote the record of new members in her service. Marta Armada saves herself the right to modify the conditions of application of her promotions, to extend them communicating it due, or to come to the exclusion from anyone from the participants of the promotion in the supposition of detecting any anomaly, abuse or slightly ethical behavior in the participation of the same ones.


In case any clause of the present Conditions of Use is declared void, other clauses will be still in force and will be interpreted bearing in mind the will of the parts and the purpose itself of the present Conditions of Use.
Marta Armada will not be able to exercise anyone of the rights and powers awarded in this document what will not involve in any case the resignation to the same ones except express recognition on the part of Marta Armada or prescription of the action that in every case corresponds.


Marta Armada saves herself the right to modify, at any time, the presentation and configuration of the Web site, as well as the present General Conditions. For it, Marta Armada recommends to the Client to read them attentively whenever accedes to the Web site. Clients and Users always will have these Conditions of Use in a visible, freely accessible site for all the consultations want to realize. In any case, the acceptance of the Conditions of Use will be a previous and indispensable step to the acquisition of any available product across the Web site.


The present Conditions of Use are ruled by the Spanish applicable legislation in the matter. To solve any controversy or conflict that stems from the present Conditions of Use, the parts surrender to the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Vigo (Pontevedra), except that the law imposes another jurisdicción.



In fulfillment of the in force regulation in Spain in relation to the Services of the Company of the Information, we expose later the information of the holder of the web.

Marta Armada Rodríguez
NIF: 36074282R
C/Castaña, 27-1º
36212 – VIGO (Pontevedra)


The Clients and Users promise to sail for the web page and to use the content of good faith.

In fulfillment of the established in the Organic Law 15/1999, of Protection of Information of Personal Character, we inform him of that the cumplimentation of any existing form in Web site or the reference of an e-mail to any of our mailboxes implies the acceptance of this politics of privacy, as well as the authorization to Marta Armada in order that it treats the personal information that it facilitates to us.

The information of the Clients will be used exclusively for the contact across e-mail of the sales that Marta Armada realizes and for the delivery of the purchases.

For the mere visit to the Web, the Users do not facilitate personal any information it nor remains obliged to facilitate it.

Marta Armada promises to guard the maximum reservation and confidentiality on the information that is facilitated to him and to use it only for the indicated purposes.

Marta Armada presumes that the information has been introduced by his holder or by person authorized by this one, as well as that is correct and exact.

There corresponds to the Clients the update of his own information. At any time, the Client will have the right of access, rectification, cancellation and examination to all his personal information included in the different forms of discharge. To modify or to update his personal information the Client will have to accede to, to the paragraph “My Account”. To cancel your account he writes a mail from the e-mail of your account to with the matter “To cancel account”.

Therefore, the Client is responsible for the veracity of the information and Marta Armada will not be responsible for his inaccuracy of the personal information of the Clients. In conformity with the in force legislation as for protection of information, Marta Armada has adopted the safety levels adapted to the information facilitated by the Clients and, in addition, he has installed all the means and measures to his scope to avoid the loss, evil I use, alteration, not authorized access and extraction of the same ones.